What people are saying...

"It is very nice to have authentic ethnic cuisine  above 125th St.  People in our neighborhood don't have access to this type of fresh food. This food is a healthy alternative and worth me driving down from the Bronx!" 

Joel Carie

"The food is great because you can taste all of the ingredients!  That's what I like about it!"  

Imani Curry - Evangelist

"I get the injera and lamb tibs and it is very tasty. The way I get treated here makes me feel like I'm home in Ethiopia."

Samson Lemlem 

"It was sssooooooo delicious! I have been to a lot of Ethiopian restaurants in New York City, but this one is the best! It leaves the berbere on your fingers when you're done, just like you need."

Rebecca Lee - Med Student

"This restaurant is pleasant and quiet. I come here about 3 times a week.My favorite is Chicken Tibs with the

collards and string beans. They are very hospitable."

Sidney Barry - photographer

"I have been buying injera from them for at least 5 years for myself and our church. The injera is exceptional! We come from Queens and it is worth it!"

Desta Brkie